Best Products to Reduce Under Eye Puffiness

The best products to reduce under eye puffiness command prime positions in cosmetic shops and this is for a good reason. Puffy eyes is one of the worst things we as women have to deal with. Well ok, it’s not exactly cancer but it can still be pretty horrible. For me, the worst thing about it is how unpredictable it can be. I mean, there are certain things that I know will lead me to waking with big bags like excessive alcohol and not enough sleep, but there are other times when I wake with big saggy bags for what seems like absolutely no reason at all! As many women can relate to, this terrible affliction has been with me for most of my life. Eye bags do not discriminate based on age, they attack everyone equally. Ever since I passed my teens, I have gone to bed every night terrified that I will wake in the morning to big puffy bags under my eyes. Over the course of my life I have tried all manner of things to combat this, and in this post I intend to share my findings with you. This includes what I think is the best treatment, cream and overall product for under eye puffiness, and also the best under eye puffiness reducer.

What Causes Under Eye Puffiness?

If you are anything like me you probably know what the effects of eye bags and puffiness are, and what it feels like to wake up like that, but maybe not why it happens or what the science is. To be honest I never cared why or what the science was, I just want my eyes to not be puffy. All I really care about is making the bags go away and I have used whatever I thought was the best product to remove the bags from under my eyes at that time. As I got older I started putting more thought into trying to prevent the bags too. I think this page on wikipedia explains it pretty well if you’re interested. This is great in theory but as we know the bag monster can strike at any time and what we really need are treatments, creams, serums and really any products that can get rid of the under eye puffiness.

How Can We Avoid Puffy Eyes?

If you don’t like bad news then I suggest you look away now! In my experience, the chance of waking up with ugly under eye bags and puffiness can be minimized but it just cannot be avoided. So many times I have done everything right with my health and diet etc and woken looking like I’ve been stung by a bee. Of course this usually happens when I have a big day ahead like a friend’s wedding or something. Nature can be cruel. Anyway, they one thing I’ve learned is that we cannot avoid puffy eyes altogether but what we can do is learn how to deal with them when they inevitably show up. We obviously try to avoid them with our lifestyle but really our best weapons in the fight against puffy eyes are treatments and products such as creams, gels and serums that can reduce and hide our bags. I will now go through what I think are the best products to reduce under eye puffiness.

My Top 3 Products For Reducing Under Eye Puffiness

Best Cream for Under Eye Puffiness

Ultimate Eye Cream by Alina Skin CareOf all the creams I’ve tried, my favorite is the Ultimate Eye Cream by Alina Skin Care. I like this cream mostly because it seems to work the best for me. I also really like the consistency – it’s not too thick or too runny so it goes on nice and smoothly and is not greasy. In some ways it almost feels like a gel, the best description would probably be that it is like a mixture of a gel and a cream. Another thing I like is the tube, it is a good size that makes it easy to squeeze out just the right amount. I hate it when you accidentally squirt out a big blob and this doesn’t happen with this. The only thing I would change is to make it a little bigger but the compact tube is also handy as it doesn’t take up much room in my bag.

Alina Skin Care Ultimate Eye Cream

Best Treatment for Under Eye Puffiness

LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment MaskWhen it comes to treatments I have found them to be very hit and miss. I have found some to be great, while others did nothing or seemed to make my eyes even more puffy. If I am going to buy a treatment then I want it to be good quality. You know, the sort of thing you would expect to get at a day spa or a beauty salon. My favorite at home treatment are the eye treatment masks from LA PURE. I think they’re great. They come in these nifty little packets which are quite fancy and give the feeling of being pampered. They feel really nice and actually work well to make my eyes less puffy and reduce the bags. I would usually use them as a great excuse to lie down and relax for half an hour but I have worn them through the night a couple of times too which also seemed to work well.

LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask, 15 Pairs

Best Product for Under Eye Puffiness

Body Merry Age Defense Eye CreamMy personal favorite product for under eye puffiness is the Body Merry Age Defense Eye Cream. I think this is the best product to remove bags under eyes because for me it has been the most effective, by far. It works well and is nice to use as it has a light herbal scent, like tea tree or something. I find it feels a little wet as I put it on but it seems to soak in, or evaporate, or something but whatever it does the wet feeling goes away shortly after applying it. The only thing I would change about it is the pump dispenser type bottle – I much prefer a tube as I find it hard to control the amount I pump out. Given the results I get with it though, I am happy to fumble with the pump bottle in exchange for getting rid of the puffiness under my eyes.

View more details of it here

Body Merry Age Defense Eye Cream


Dark Circles Under Your eyes Too?

If you are also having to deal with dark circles then you will also need to use a good concealer. I put my recommendations for that here: best under eye concealers for mature skin.

Thank You

Well it seems you made it all the way to the end of my post about the best products to reduce under eye puffiness. I hope you liked it! If you have anything to add I would love to hear from if you would like to post a comment below or through my Facebook, Twitter or Google + pages which you can also get to by clicking the icons below next to ‘Follow’. Thanks again for reading and have a great day!

Video – How to Cure Puffy Eyes



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  1. Alexey

    Thank you so much for taking the time and researching the best creams for eye puffiness out there. I know there’s hundreds of them and in most cases it’s just a waste of money. It looks like you know the stuff, and you had experienced it a lot (not fun at all I imagine) but I trust your suggestions and I will check out these creams. Again, thank you very much, take care

    1. Mary (Post author)

      Thank you Alexey!


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